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What is the Double Dog Run System?

What is the Double Dog Run System? The Double Dog Run  tie out system is the  ONLY tie out cable and tie out stake system that allows two dogs to play on one dog tie out without getting tangled.    The Double Dog Run is comprised of a spiral tie out stake, a base plate, a tangle-free topper, hardware and two 20 foot UV vinyl coated dog tie out cables . Do you have a dog... or two?   Does your dog get tangled  with your current dog tie-out / tether set up?  Have you been trying to figure out the best way to keep your dog tied up, abide by leash laws, yet still  ensure that your dog or dogs have the freedom to play ?  For single dog owners, The Double Dog Run tie out system is an effective way to ensure that your dog has a  complete roaming radius .  For owners of two dogs and, in some cases, more, the Double Dog Run System offers a solution to a problem that dog owners have had since leashes came into existence;  there are no tangles . The Double Dog Run System only  takes l

How Can I Take Two Dogs to Play in Public on Leashes??

If you have two dogs that you need to have on leashes while at a state park, we have a solution. The Double Dog Run System is a great tool.   All you need is a screw driver and the kit.  Hook the dogs up, and keep an eye on the leashes. The dogs can run in and out of the water. However, ensure the leashes do not get tangles on something under the water.  Supervision is required!

Double Dog Run System - The Patent Makes the Good Morning America- Top Pet Products of 2012 List

Marty Becker's Best Pet Products of 2012  - ABC News & Good Morning America View article here: We are under Double Down Dog Run- Our old name! In less than 2 years the  Double Dog Run  has caught fire!  The product  launched in March of 2012  and now in the Month of January, 2014- Wherley Girls, Inc. are pleased with the response to their new product.  A small company growing quickly and gaining more attention from owners of multiple dogs,  Wherley Girls, Inc. is pushing for a major improvement in 2014.   With some small hick-ups in distribution, Wherley Girls are running the Double dog Run System at full force.