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Is a Collar or Harness Better for My Dog? (UPDATED 2022) - Walking and Dog Tie Out Stakes

There are a number of suggestions across the board for whether a collar or harness is better for dogs.  Some trainers and websites advise that a certain type of collar is best and others say that a harness is best... So, now what do you do? Let's look into this further and help you figure out if a collar or harness is best for your dog.   Are you walking your dog on a leash; or will your dog be using a dog tie out? Using a Harness or Collar when Walking Your Dog: Using a a harness for walking has become general practice, but not all dogs need a harness .  For example, if your dog is trained and walks like a champ, you don't need a harness, a collar will do just fine. However, if your dog needs to get used to walking on a leash, then a harness may be better when on walks through the park.  This will eliminate your dog from basically gagging itself and hacking down the trail through the park.  Training your dog to use a collar should be your ultimate goal.  A harness is great

Cold Weather Tips for Dogs

Baby, it's cold outside!! The cold weather can get to anyone and your pet.   Lets review some great tips for taking care of your dog during the winter weather.   #1:  The cold weather can cause dry, itchy skin when your dog is constantly coming from the cold to the warm inside.  The reason for this is the change in moisture and humidity.  Be sure to wipe your dog down if he/she is wet from any snow, be sure to get those paws nice and dry.  If your dog already has some itchy and irritated skin, running a humidifier in the home can add some moisture to there sensitive skin. #2:  It is completely acceptable to pass on those baths.  Washing your dog too often, especially during the winter months will remove the oils from their skin that is needed to keep them from getting dry and irritated. #3: If you shave your dog- don't shave them all they way down to their skin.  The extra fur is needed to do what mother nature intended it to, keep them warm.  This will a