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Best Fence Alternative for Dogs - An Incredible Solution for Dogs with No Fence (UPDATED December 2021)

Got Dogs and No Fence?  No Problem! There are many situations where pet owners are faced with the situation of needing to find alternative solutions to a fence for their pets, specifically for dogs.  Additionally, the cost of installing a fence, plus materials can be way out of budget for some dog owners. So, what do you do when you don't have a fence?  Well, we sat down with Kim Wherley of Infinitely Tied, LLC to discuss the revolutionary two dog tie outs they invented, patented and currently manufacture. J oin us as we interview  the Inventor of the Double Dog Run, Tangle-free Two Dog Tie Out , Kim Wherley; and learn more about the best alternative to an electric fence or building a fence for your dogs! It's morning, about 9am, and I am just sitting down for coffee with Infinitely Tied, CEO, Kim Wherley.  She appears very relaxed in her backwards baseball cap and dressed very comfortably in her jeans and sweatshirt. She comes across confident, but also quit content in her li