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Attention: Dog Shelters, Rescues, Walkers, Scoopers and Pet Stores

Why is the Double Dog Run a great product to offer your customers? 2014 is now gone and 2015 turns a new leaf for all of us. With spring just around the corner, we are on a mission to inform as many dog owners , stores, shelters, walker, scoop companies and many more about the our product.   Why? Build a strong connection within our community to increase adoptions and happy healthy dogs everywhere.  Together we can all make lives better! We offer a solution for dogs to be able to run freely and safely unlike any other tie-out / tether system. Tough enough to hold ONE or TWO dogs- small/medium ,  large or X-large ... believe it- its true… did we mention NO Tangles? Our tie-outs can be used anywhere and taken anywhere: Home Camping Creekside Dog Sitter To a friend's house Events Hunting Outings The more freedom we can have with our furry pals means a happy playful pooch. No fence?- No problem we have plenty of customers who HAVE a fence, but those frisky do