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Is a Collar or Harness Better for My Dog? (UPDATED 2022) - Walking and Dog Tie Out Stakes

There are a number of suggestions across the board for whether a collar or harness is better for dogs.  Some trainers and websites advise that a certain type of collar is best and others say that a harness is best... So, now what do you do? Let's look into this further and help you figure out if a collar or harness is best for your dog.   Are you walking your dog on a leash; or will your dog be using a dog tie out? Using a Harness or Collar when Walking Your Dog: Using a a harness for walking has become general practice, but not all dogs need a harness .  For example, if your dog is trained and walks like a champ, you don't need a harness, a collar will do just fine. However, if your dog needs to get used to walking on a leash, then a harness may be better when on walks through the park.  This will eliminate your dog from basically gagging itself and hacking down the trail through the park.  Training your dog to use a collar should be your ultimate goal.  A harness is great

Where Should I Put the Dog Tie Out?

What location is good for a dog tie out? What do I need to look out for when  selecting a location for a tie out system? Other unique locations for installing a dog tie out... We will answer all of these in this article! Location: Figuring out where to install a dog tie out on your property can take a little work...and a little math. There are many options for installing the tie out so that your dogs can come to your door or play freely. You can install a dog tie out on the side of the house, by ensuring shrubbery is not in the way. We took the time to help you out, by creating some diagrams to help you to understand some options. Option 1:  In Front of the Door Math: If using 10 ft. tie out cables, the total diameter would be 20ft. Another example is: 50 ft. tie out cables, total diameter =100 ft. Option 2:  On the Corner of the House Option 3: On the Back Side or Back Corner of the House Obstacles: Be sure

Comparing the Price of Fencing Vs. Dog Tie Out Options - Which is Best?

Getting a dog, or a second dog to add to the family?  There are many things to consider when adding a new pet to the family; and if it is a dog, well get ready.   We love our cute furry friends, but sometimes keeping them secure and in one place is tough.  Some dogs like to dig; some can jump and some just figure out a way to get loose no matter what you try. Not only is knowing your dog's personality and strengths important, but also deciding what is going to work best for your dog and your wallet.   So, we have taken some time to help you collect the information you'll need to decide.  Below we have broken down the average cost of building a fence and  alternates to building a fence. Fencing Costs:  (These costs are based on a 10ft x 10ft yard size) Metal / Chain   A metal fence can last forever, however, it can get stretched, warped, rusted and can be dug out from underneath. Cost per linear foot: $7      Labor Cost per Linear Foot:  $10     Estimated Total