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This Cat Avoids Two Belgian Malinois: Double Dog Run Holds Two Powerful Dogs with No Problem!

Lucky Cat!   Good thing the Double Dog Run is Installed! The Double Dog Run is the ONLY tangle-free dog tie out for one or two dogs.  These two dogs are dead set on this cat, but Mr. Cat is safe and sound because the Double Dog Run is at work! Made to hold the strongest breed dogs, the Large and XL Dog Tie Out system is not only tangle-free for two dogs, but holds up to 800 pounds! Since this video was shot, our product has become more evolved with even stronger materials.  Made of high grade ABS Plastic, Steel and Heavy- duty uty Rubber - this tie out can take on any weather you throw at it! Learn more about our Double Dog Run Tangle-Free Dog Tie Outs! Don't forget to sign up for our newsletters and subscribe to our email list for exclusive email promotions we run for systems, leashes and tie out cables and replacement parts. Check out our social media sites- Like and Follow Us!        

Can Our Furry Friends Teach Us More About the Holidays?

Happy Holidays everyone! Every year, my wife and I get a big bone for She-She and a bag of tennis balls for Roo.  The dogs are so happy, I can't imagine what else we could have gotten them that could even make them happier.  But, then I realize they are just as happy on all the other days of the season just sleeping on the couch next to us, running around on the  Dog Run they inspired  and getting fed; Oh! lets not forget, the ever impending food spills from the kids they get to clean up after.  Basically, everyday is like Christmas to them because they are happy with the world they live in and the people that were chosen to care for them.  Such a simple thing, sometimes it makes you wonder why that simple happiness is so difficult to achieve for humans.  Why do we need all this stuff to make us happy when there are clear examples of what I would call "true humanity" walking around your home showing us the way to happiness on a daily basis? During the holidays yo

Cold Weather Tips for Dogs

Baby, it's cold outside!! The cold weather can get to anyone and your pet.   Lets review some great tips for taking care of your dog during the winter weather.   #1:  The cold weather can cause dry, itchy skin when your dog is constantly coming from the cold to the warm inside.  The reason for this is the change in moisture and humidity.  Be sure to wipe your dog down if he/she is wet from any snow, be sure to get those paws nice and dry.  If your dog already has some itchy and irritated skin, running a humidifier in the home can add some moisture to there sensitive skin. #2:  It is completely acceptable to pass on those baths.  Washing your dog too often, especially during the winter months will remove the oils from their skin that is needed to keep them from getting dry and irritated. #3: If you shave your dog- don't shave them all they way down to their skin.  The extra fur is needed to do what mother nature intended it to, keep them warm.  This will a