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The Best Tangle Free Dog Tie Outs 2020 - What is the best tie out for a dog?

What is the best tangle free dog tie out?   Double Dog Run tangle free dog tie out systems let one or two dogs  run in 360 degrees and can hold up to 800 lbs of pull force!   Tested to be the strongest dog tie out for large breed dogs, these two dog tie outs are manufactured in the USA and come with a warranty.   2020 is in and even though has exactly what you need when it comes to tangle free and two dog tie outs - there is a problem:  you won't find us on any of the big lists... 😕 Why isn't double dog run on the big best dog tie out lists?   Let's face it, we are truly a small business who has veered away from the bigger markets such as Amazon, Walmart, Jet, etc.  for the past few years.  We took the time to investigate on google:    Did we make the list for "best dog tie outs for 2020?"   Or even for "best tangle free dog tie outs for 2020??" There are so many lists! ... And, we didn't make a single one!? 😟

How to Install the K9Compass Two Dog Tangle Free Tie Out Stake

How do I install a tangle free two dog tie out?  Great question! We have the answer! The Double Dog Run K9Compass two dog tie out is a tangle free dog tie out system that allows two dogs to play on dog tie out cables and not get tangled. This two dog tangle free tie out holds up to 800 lbs of pull force and is quick to install.  Remember our tie outs are great for just one dog too! How to install the K9Compass Tangle Free Two Dog Tie Out: Pick a preferably level area to install your two dog tie out stake. Clear any debris our of the dog tie out area. Turn the dog tie out stake clockwise and drive into the ground until the base of the tie out stake is flush to the ground. Attach both tie out cables to the (same) upper-most link on the hardware. Check out our K9Compass Install Video on Youtube! Buy on Double Dog Run Website GET 5% OFF NOW!  SUBSCRIBE TO EMAIL LIST! or Amazon: Double Dog Run Heavy Duty 1200 lbs Double Dog Run Small / Medium K9-Lite K9Com