Cold Weather Tips for Dogs

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Baby, it's cold outside!!

The cold weather can get to anyone and your pet.  Lets review some great tips for taking care of your dog during the winter weather.  

#1:  The cold weather can cause dry, itchy skin when your dog is constantly coming from the cold to the warm inside.  The reason for this is the change in moisture and humidity.  Be sure to wipe your dog down if he/she is wet from any snow, be sure to get those paws nice and dry.  If your dog already has some itchy and irritated skin, running a humidifier in the home can add some moisture to there sensitive skin.

#2:  It is completely acceptable to pass on those baths.  Washing your dog too often, especially during the winter months will remove the oils from their skin that is needed to keep them from getting dry and irritated.

#3: If you shave your dog- don't shave them all they way down to their skin.  The extra fur is needed to do what mother nature intended it to, keep them warm.  This will also keep from skin irritations and itching.  Also from ice and other things from sticking to them.  

#4:  Fashion Show!!  If your dog is short haired, get them a snazzy coat to match their personality.  It will keep their coat warm, moist and dry.

#5:  Although helpful, ice-melt is toxic.  When walking your pet on sidewalks and parks after a snow; many times there will be some sort of chemical used to dissolve or prevent the ice from forming on certain surfaces.  These are chemicals that should not be walking around with your dog.  Dogs are low to the ground and as they walk the ice-melt used won't only go into their paw, but also kicked up on to their underbellies.  Best thing is to give your dogs stomach and paws a quick wash to remove those.  .....
   ...... yes, we know we said don't give them baths; just a quick rinse with warm water and a tiny amount soap (if necessary) will do the trick!

#6  If it's too cold for you, it's too cold for your pets.  Yes, we know they are dogs and have fur, however they are also housebroken animals that do not live in the wild.  Pets can become disoriented, injured, lost, stolen and freeze.  Keep those pups healthy & safe!  With that said, do not leave your dog in the car; nor tied out - keep them inside.  

Want some tips on how to maintain your Double Dog Run System through the winter?  

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