What is the Best Dog Tie Out Stake for Large Dogs? (updated 2023)

The best dog tie out stake will be tested, secure, tangle-free and made of high quality products. The Double Dog Run System is hands down, the best dog tie out for the largest and strongest dog breeds.  Here are some highlights on this dog tie out stake:

  • Made of hight quality products and real steel
  • All weather use
  • 1200 lbs of Pull Force
  • Tangle-free for one or two dogs
  • Manufactured and Shipped from USA
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • U.S. Patented

A large dog tie out needs to be secure and safe for the dog and those around them. The inventors of the Double Dog Run have used both quality products and physics to perfect the the security and strength of this tie out stake system. The Double Dog Run can withstand up to 1200 lbs of pull force. At 1200 lbs of pull force, the Double Dog Run is much stronger than your average or even high-end dog tie out. The Double Dog Run is in a class of its own. Although, the Double Dog Run is more expensive than other dog tie outs, you are getting a high quality product made to last. Many customers have saved thousands of dollars by using the Double Dog Run instead of installing a fence

The Double Dog Run System comes in two sizes:

Small and Medium Two Dog Tie Out Stake - Up to 700 lbs of Pull Force

The small and Medium Double Dog Run comes with all the high quality components but features a 10" steel ground anchor.

Large Two Dog Tie Out for Any Breed Dog - Up to 1200 lbs of Pull Force

The Large Double Dog Run features a 16" Steel Ground Anchor

What is the Double Dog Run Made of?

  • High-quality ABS Plastic Baseplate that can withstand extreme cold and heat conditions. This plastic was selected to ensure the dog tie out remains secure in all weather conditions.
  • Heavy-duty, Cold Rolled steel spiral ground anchor with folding D-ring. This steel ground anchor is thicker and more heavy-duty than your average ground anchor.
  • Very Tough Reinforced Rubber Topper that is crush and crack proof in all weather.
  • Galvanized Steel Hardware set made to last and take on the strongest dogs. 

Did we mention it is tangle-free for TWO dogs? The Double Dog Run was invented to hold two dogs at a time and keep them from tangling their tie out cables. Designed using physics, this dog tie out stake system will keep your dogs from getting tangled. Yes, your dogs can play, run, chill, or do whatever they want.

The Double Dog Run has everything you need and more when it comes to a dog tie out stake system. 

Here are some more tips when looking for a Tie Out for Large Dogs:

Medium to large dogs can have a huge force behind their pull, so the dog tie out stake should be fully tested to withstand large amounts of weight and Pull Force.

The facts are that most dog tie outs are tested only for a weight limit, NOT for pull force. When a dog tie out is only tested for a "weight limit" it only tells you how much static (still) weight it can hold. There are no considerations made for a moving animal with power and strength. There are also no considerations made for something constantly pulling.. and pulling- like most dogs do when they want something crossing their path. 

Learn more about Pull Force in our article on Understanding Pull Force and Weight Limits

End of the day- Just because something says it is a "bestseller" does not make it
the best dog tie out, especially when it comes to large dogs. Check out our straight forward article on Comparing Dog Tie Out Stakes - Bestseller Does Not Always Mean the Best

If you really want the best dog tie out stake for a large dogs check out 
The Double Dog Run on Amazon

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