Understanding Pull Force and Weight Limits of Dog Tie Out Stakes 2022 - Best Large Dog Tie Out Stake

When it comes to a Large Dog or XL Breed dog, especially Pit Bulls, Huskies,

German Shepards and other strong dogs, there is only one dog tie out that should be considered, the Double Dog Run System.

The best dog tie out for large dogs needs to have strength, security and made to hold large amounts of pull force or pounds of pressure exerted when pulling on a fixed object.

Let’s go over some facts that are important to know. When deciding on the best tie out for Pit Bull or large dog. 

How much weight can your average Pit Bull pull? 

According to sources your average household Pit Bull can weigh anywhere from 40 - 60 pounds and can typically pull 2 - 3 times it’s body weight. 

For this example, let’s use a 60 pound Pit Bull and say it can pull 3 times its body weight. That means a large, 60 pound Pit Bull can pull approximately 180 pounds. 

How much pull force does a dog have vs a human?

Looking into other studies it is said that a dog CAN exhibit 350 pounds of pressure! Looking further into these studies we find that a human can only exhibit 120 pounds of pressure.

NOW just for fun! Let's see how many pounds of pressure a Great White Shark can exhibit!  Studies show that a Great White Shark can have exhibit 600 pounds of pressure!

How much weight can the Double Dog Run tie out hold?

The Double Dog Run can hold 1200 lbs of Pull Force! Made by dog owners, for dog owners, the Double Dog Run was made to hold and keep not just one, BUT TWO Dogs from getting tangled!

You will be hard pressed to find another dog tie out that can compare to the Double Dog Run System.  Let's put it this way, the inventors and manufacturers took the time to design and make a high-quality, all-weather, high-impact, shock absorbing dog take out. All the materials and components used and combined create a BEAST of a dog tie out that, when installed in solid ground; would take the Pull Force equivalent to TWO Great White sharks pulling at 1200 lbs of pressure to completely pull this dog tie out of the ground!   

Disclaimer: We did not test any dog tie outs with two great white sharks, just to be clear. This article is based on research only.

We hope you enjoyed today's topic and please check out our other posts for more information of the best tie outs for TWO DOGs!!

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Source for Pull Force Information: MIDogGuide.com


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