Most Powerful Tie out or Tethering System for Dogs

Double Dog Run System
Not only is this dog tie out stake and tie out cable system designed to allow two dogs to play tangle-free, but it is also...

Our largest Double Dog Run tie out stake and tie out cables can hold the force of up to 800 lbs total.  
(Actually, they are tested for much more than their limit, but its hard to find an 800 pound dog or even two 400 pound dogs to pull at the same time.  Hmmm... are there even dogs that size?  I'm going to google that!)

We designed the Double Dog Run System to disburse the force of those tough pulls from Fido with our specially designed base plate and heavy duty custom fit ground anchors. 

  • The small tie out system and tie out cables can hold up to two dogs weighing 50 lbs each.  Perfect for your smaller breeds.

  • The medium tie out system and tie out cables are perfect for those medium to large breeds that are mild in temperament weighing up to 70 lbs each.  This run has a larger weight limit for the leashes which have a thicker cable and cattle clasps for extra security. 

  • The large tie out system and tie out cables of this dog run, which features a 16" spiral dog tie out stake for those really strong pullers in that weight range.  This is suggested for dogs weighing 100 lbs or less each. 

  • The extra large tie out system and tie out cables for dogs weighing over 100 lbs and up to 200 lbs each.  Thats right, two dogs at 170 lbs can be supported.  This run features thicker, stronger cables and larger cattle clasps.


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