Traditional Fence Vs. Electric Fence for Dogs - Price Comparisons and Things to Consider

Compare Cost of Fencing VS. Electric Fencing

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In this article we will focus on cost, maintenance and more when it comes to Fences Vs. Electric Fences. To make it easy we created these tables to compare the cost to build and maintain a traditional fence; electric fence; versus getting a dog tie out.  We also broke it down into types of fencing to make it easy.   

Fencing Vs. Electric Fence

Fencing options may vary in material used to build a traditional fence, or there could be additional on going expenses to consider when installing an electric fence. Lets compare Fencing and Electric Fence options for dogs.

Things to First Consider When Building a Traditional Fence

With fences, there is the installation time it takes, maintenance.  Additionally, there are many who cannot install a fence due to home owners' association rules, building / apartment rules, zoning rules.  All this should be researched before beginning to build anything. Another thing to consider is the possibility your dog will climb or jump the fence; or dig under it... but you can read more about that in our article on 3 Things to Consider When Building a Fence for Dogs

What does it cost to build a fence?  

We got on Google and looked into seeing what the common cost to build a fence would be depending on material around a small 10 ft x 10 ft yard.  This is what we came about:

Typical Fence Costs
Fence Type
Fence Cost per linear foot
Labor Cost per linear foot
Estimated Total Cost based on 10 X 10 yard
Maintanance Included

Thing to To Think About When Installing an Electric Fence

An electric fence is also a good option for ensuring your animals don't escape into the street.  However, there is time, installation, battery chargers, collars and all kinds of stuff involved in getting an electric fence system.  Additionally, you need to train your dog on the boundaries for a few weeks.

What does it cost to install an electric fence? 

Again, we got on Google and looked at common / average prices for this option:

Electric Fence Expenses
Materials Needed
Invisible fence/ Collar Package
$50 - $300
Voltage Meter
$60 - $90
$900 - $1350
$1200 - $2300

Don't want a fence or electric fence for your dogs, there are alternatives!

After Reading this article, you may realize that perhaps a traditional or electric fence is not for you.  Maybe it is too much maintenance, your house is not suited for it, your zoning committee won't approve it, or you just don't want one. There is always the option of a Dog Tie Out which can be incredibly helpful and convenient! 

Check out our Dog Tie Out Systems invented for TWO dogs:
K9Compass - Portable, tool-less install,  tangle free dog tie outs.
Double Dog Run - Shock absorbing, tangle free two dog tie outs.

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