Using Your Double Dog Run In the Winter Months - Dog Tie Outs for the Winter

Winter Care for Your Double Dog Run System

Snow, Wind, Freezing Temperatures!....

Here are some tips for keeping your Double Dog Run in good working order this winter:

#1:  Check your leashes for cracks or kinks.   The cold weather can make almost anything brittle enough to crack;  that includes any vinyl coated leashes.  Additionally, the cold weather can lead to kinking in the lines if it gets caught around a small branch that fell in the yard from the last storm.  It is important to keep your leashes crack-free and kink-free.
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#2:  Ensure the swivels on the leashes are working properly.  Corrosion and many other things can cause the clasps or clips on the leases to become hard to use.  Ensure that the clasps are working properly and closing completely before letting your dog go off to play.  Using WD-40 or any other type of lubricant can loosen the swivels and clasps up; as well as maintain them throughout the winter.

#3:  Check your hardware here and there to ensure it is not being effected by the ice and snow which can cause corrosion, rusting and "sticking" wishing the swivels.  Go out every once in a while to ensure they are in working order.  Again some WD-40 can help keep things moving.
In the even you need new hardware for your dog run, we sell Replacement Hardware.

#4:   Don't let the dog run sit out all winter if you do not intent to use it.  Like anything that sits in the cold; damage can come to it if it is not used for an entire season... kind of like a car engine.  Uninstall the Dog Run and store it for the winter if you do not plan to use it.

#5: If it snows, simply make sure the leashes are pulled out of the snow.  Allowing snow to sit on the leashes all night can lead to ice forming around the clasps, requiring the ice to be thawed off before using.  You will also have to dig for them! Pain in the butt, right?  If you are around, try to get the leashes pulled on top of the snow as it falls throughout the day or evening.    However, if you get 5 feet of snow in a blizzard, this will not work- I advise removing the leashes via the quick link and walking your dogs instead during this type of weather.

6:  Use your dog run to clear the snow in your yard!  Yes, your dog can do the work for you.  We have had many people who put their dog runs out in the snow or in the fall.  We have been told that the dogs using the double dog run will sometimes clear the leaves and pack the snow the yard.  We even have a review on it!

12/30/16Kathleen P.★★★★★ Double Dog Run System The run system is great! We live in a snowy part of the country, so we need to remember to mark the location before the snow. Once the dogs start playing the snow gets all packed down. We are very happy with our purchase. I don't think the dogs are to thrilled they can't go over to the neighbors, but the neighbors are happy!

7:  Make sure the base plate and topper are secured to the ground using the Ground Anchor.  If the base plate or topper are loose or move in any way, there is potential for tangling.  As far as the weather, both are made of heavy duty plastic with high and low temperature thresholds; as well as chew resistance material.  Also the topper is equipped with Microban to keep bacteria from forming.  So, these components you don't really have to worry about, but as always- we are here to help if you have any issues at all.

We hope that these tips will help you get through this winter.

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