Best Dog Tie Out Cables for Large and XL Breed Dogs - Heavy Duty Dog Tie Out Cables (2023 Update)

The best dog tie out cables for large and XL breeds are made to last and hold. Most cables these days are made of a steel cable and feature a vinyl coating for weather protections and less friction. Large dog tie out cables and heavy-duty dog cables need to be especially secure and high in quality.  Our Company, Double Dog Run has only offered one brand of dog tie out cables over the years. Why do we only offer one, because its the only brand we trust and have found we get the least amount of turn around on.  In fact, very rarely do we need to replace a Boss Dog Tie Out Cable for our customers.

There are some things to keep in mind with having large active and XL dogs:

  • Not all cables are created equal make sure the brand is reliable.
  • The clasps on either end of the dog tie out cable are VERY important and should be secure.
  • The clasps themselves should have a swivel on BOTH ends. This is required for use with the Double Dog Run System Tangle-free Two Dog Tie Out
  • The cables may get worn out much quicker due to the size and movements of the dogs - in addition to weather conditions.
  • Dog tie out cables are not made to last forever! A good dog tie out cable will get you about 6 months to 1 year out of it. 
Now that the basics of dog tie out cables is out of the way, here are some dog tie out cables for large dogs and XL dogs from Boss Pet Products. We added some tips on how to choose a dog tie out cable when your dog is right at the maximum weight limit as well!

Tie Out Cables for Large Breed Dogs

Large Dog Tie out cables support 40 - 60 pound dogs. These cables will feature smaller swivel clasps which are better for dogs lower to the ground and not as large as the next size in breed of dogs. 

Boss Pet Large Dog Tie Out Cables Up to 60 lbs

What if my dog is right at 60 pounds? Do I go up in size? 

If your dog is right on the limit of 60 pounds, then you want to factor in their temperament and activity level. Is your dog older, more docile and not prone to pulling? If this is the case then you can stick with this weight range tie out cable. Is your dog a puller? Is your dog very active and strong for its size? If the answer to ANY of these questions is yes, then move onto the next size dog tie out cable.

Tie Out Cables for Large - XL Breed Dogs

XL Dog Tie Out Cables are often labeled as Heavy-Duty Dog Cable and support dogs 70 - 100 lbs. These dog cables, should be much thicker and weigh more than the large dog cables. These cables will feature reenforced clamps and heavy duty clasps on each end. 

Boss Pet XL Dog Tie Out Cable - Heavy Duty Dog Cable Up to 125 lbs 

20 ft. XL Dog Tie Out Cable

30 ft. XL Dog Tie Out Cable

Although it is graded for 125 lbs, we would recommend moving up in cable weight and grade if your dog is young, strong and active.  
Tie Out Cables for XXL Breed Dogs

XXL or Super Heavy-Duty dog tie out cables are made for the largest Breed dogs that have power and the leverage and can support dogs 90 lbs and Up to the Maximum weight. XXL dogs have weight alone behind them, get them chasing a rabbit and that is a lot of pull force on the tie out cable. These will have the thickest gauge cable and can support very strong and very large breed dogs.

Boss Pet Super Beast Heavy Duty Dog Tie Out Cable Up to 250 lbs

Is your dog even stronger than the tie out cables we supplied? 
Is there another Brand or type of dog tie out cable you feel is more secure than these? If so, we always welcome comments and suggestions so we can improve our information for our customers.

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