What Tie Out Stake is Best for Dogs - Choosing a Dog Tie Out - Best Dog Run or Dog Tie Out Cable System

What is the Best Dog Run and Tie Out Cable System?
Double Dog Run Brand dog tie out products have proven to be the strongest, most reliable and secure tangle-free dog run systems with dog tie out cables. Best thing is that all of Double Dog Run products are made for one or two dogs.

Facts about Choosing a Dog Tie Out Stake and Cable set up:

Choosing the perfect dog tie out setup for your dogs can take some time and research. Not all dog tie outs are reliable, strong and offer the option to keep your dog tangle-free. There are countless options and brands to choose from on the dog tie out market. Below you will find some quick tips on what to look for in a dog tie out stake.

What to Look For In a Dog Tie Out Stake System:

  • Secure Pull Force and Weight Tested
  • Tangle-Free / 360 degree movement
  • Made of High-quality Materials
  • Comes with a Warranty
These are the basic "must-haves" in a dog tie out, especially for peace of mind. The importance of each of these items, when combined, can create a powerful system for use at home and while camping with dogs!

Secure - Pull Force and Weight Tested

A dog tie out stake should be tested for both Pull force and Weight Limits. These two are not the same. Just because a tie out says it can hold up to 125 lbs, that does not mean it can withstand a strong dog pulling at its maximum strength of 350 lbs of Pull Force. A dog tie out stake should always be tested to ensure the stake will not break or pull out of the ground; in addition to being tested for pull force and wight limits. Lastly, the dog tie out should have some shock absorbing component to the design to ensure that the tie out stake remains securely in the ground.

Tangle-free / 360 Degree Movement

Whichever dog tie out you choose, should be tangle-free and allow the dog to move in 360 degrees around the stake without a problem. Not all dog tie out stakes will be tangle-free, no matter what they say. There are only a few that can deliver a tangle-free experience for your dog; and there is only one dog tie out that will work with multiple dogs (up to Two dogs Max.)- which is the Double Dog Run System.
Look at the design of the dog tie out you are planning to get- Does it have anything sticking up or out of it that the tie out cable can catch on? Will the hardware of the dog tie out work quick enough to keep up with a moving dog? Definitely consider this for safety, peace of mind; and it will keep you from replacing a tie out stake or cables sooner than later.

Made of High Quality Materials

This is so important when it comes to longevity of your dog tie out stake. Not all dog tie outs will work in the winter, or in rain. Some dog tie outs are made of plastic; while others can look really sturdy online and turn out to be way different when you get them home.  You want a dog tie out stake system to be made of heavy-duty, all-weather materials and components that are made to last; and take a beating! Picking the right dog tie out system the first time can save you in money, time and frustrations. Be sure to do your research- and remember, cheaper is not always better.

Comes with a Warranty

Any dog tie out that is worth your time and attention should come with a warranty of some type. Generally, a dog tie out stake should have some kind of warranty on normal install and wear and tear of the product itself. If it does not have a warranty, it probably is not worth your time and will most likely need to be replaced soon. On the flip side, you have companies that go to the extreme and offer life-time warranties on products - NOT because they are durable, but because they produce so many at a cheap price that replacing one is no big deal... not to mention most people won't even use the warranty anyway (which these big companies bank on, by the way). When it comes to a dog tie out stake and your dogs as beings- It is best to choose a company that manufactures the dog tie out with a quality check system; in addition to the warranty and all the items above in this article. Many times big companies don't care about quality, but getting sales; while small companies have to work harder to get their customers and are more likely to honor their products and warranties. At the end of the day, if a product has a year warranty on it or more; PLUS all the other aspects above, then that is the dog tie out stake you should try.

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