Quick guide to Camping with Dogs in 2022 - Camping with Multiple Dogs - Two Dogs or more

Going on a Camping trip and taking your dogs along for your next outdoor adventure?

Camping with Dogs

Camping with your dogs can be a simple or as complicated as you make it! This is our straight forward and humorous take on it! 

Although you are guaranteed SOME unexpected things to happen while Camping with one or multiple dogs, here are some Tips to help you at least keep SOME chaos in order and enjoy your camping trip with peace of mind!

In this article we will talk about:
  • Top 3 Questions to Ask Yourself to When Preparing for your Camping Trip with Dogs
  • Top 3 Things You Should Have When at an RV Park or Camping with Your Dogs.

Top 3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Preparing for Your Camping Trip with Dogs

1. Are dogs allowed at the park or campground?

Not all Campgrounds and Parks are created equal!  For example, you could be going to a lake but find out when you get there, there is no swimming and pets
are not allowed in the water.  

This can result in leaving you thinking - "Crap, Now What?" as you check your bank account to make a new plan.  Meanwhile your dog takes a dump... and once again you forgot a poop bag at the car. Now, you are taking the walk of shame back to the car while everyone stares at you for leaving it there and thinking you are not coming back to clean it up...Let's avoid this!!!

So, it is best to cover your bases and make adjustments to your trip to ensure that both you and your dogs are going to be happy, accepted and comfortable before you put the cash out and reserve your spot.

2. Am I require to be with my dogs or pets at all times?  

Almost ALL Parks and Campgrounds require that your dogs and pets be supervised at all times.  Make a plan to ensure that your dogs and pets are supervised, safe and happy with you at all times. 

Basically, just strap your dog to you so you don't leave them unattended. You do not want the embarrassing security guy in his golf cart pulling up to your sweet vacation crib to give you a warning.  
This results in all the kids and humans stopping and staring at you for being THAT dog owner who doesn't watch or care for their dog... Let's avoid this!

Seriously though, if you are going to be hanging out inside your RV, Camper or Tent, you will want to be sure your pets can come inside with you. Campgrounds specifically do not allow you to keep your dogs or pets outside of your shelter unattended for any amount of time; and many times they must be on a leash or tie out stake of some sort. So, be sure to have a collar or harness and a plan to keep your dogs secure and happy.

Note: Campgrounds and Parks do this for safety of your pets and other humans and animals around. Especially if there are other dogs and animals around that could distract your pet from their campsite. 

If you are looking for the most secure and most tangle-free dog tie out than can hold one or two dogs, please check out DoubleDogRun.com

If you are hiking or camping in the wild, you have much more freedom to let them off-leash around your campsite.  However, you will want to check the rules of the park and ensure that you are following the laws and rules to avoid any violations. 

3) Do you need to have any type of ID or paperwork for your dog?

I have personally never been asked to provide paperwork or show an ID tag or proof or rabies to any campground or park authority. Some places may require you to have proof of updated rabies shots on hand and some places say nothing at all and never ask. However, it is highly advised that your dog have a collar with an ID tag. 

What should you bring with you when camping with dogs? 4 Things You Should Have when Camping with Dogs 

We hope you enjoyed today's topic and please check out our other posts for more information of the best tie outs for TWO DOGs!!

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