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Camping with dogs can be an adventure, however having these four things when camping or or at an RV park with your dog or multiple dogs can limit trouble and unforeseen adventures you may not want to take! Here we go:

1) Solid Single Leash or Dual Dog Leashes

A retractable leash for walking your dogs is always nice when there are not many humans or activities around; However, managing multiple dogs on retractable leashes or even one designed for multiple dogs can be very tricky.  One moment of not paying attention and the dogs are tangled and wrapped up in a thin cable that is hard to manage.  

This could result in you looking, once again, like the person who has no idea what they are doing and just got your dogs yesterday! Now you are being stared at again for 10 minutes while you try to get your dogs to stop chasing the bikers, while holding the lock button on the retractable leash... while attempting to untangling your dogs all at the same time. 

However, the neighbors and surrounding folks are truly enjoying your mess while they sip their wine in their awesome bushcraft hot tub ... Let's avoid this!
Consider getting a rope leash or a dual dog leash with solid straps while at a campground.  This can limit your dogs from getting tangled on trees, posts, small bushes/ brush as you walk by.  Additionally, if they decide to get overly excited over a new smell, bolting into someone's campsite during your "calm" walk through the campground - you don't have to worry about trying to push the button. In our experience having a solid leash while Camping with multiple dogs. 

2) Plenty of Poop bags

Pack more poop bags than you even thing you need.  Trust me, once your dog gets to all those smells and scents that make them want to pee and poo on everything, you will want to make sure you have enough baggies - Even when you go on a short walk just around the block of the campsite.  

For example, you may know your dog very well, and decide to go for a walk around the campsite block. However, your dog manages to find new, unforeseen smells that make your dog want to take 5 poops in less than 3 minutes across a 50 yard stretch! But, you only brought two baggies... Now, you have 3 
poops to seek and find! Kinda like a camouflaged Easter egg hunt - good luck!
  Oh, and that is AFTER you take your walk of shame back to your tent or camper. Once again everyone is staring at you wondering if you are just gonna leave those 3 giant dinosaur sized dumps... Let's avoid this!

Moral of the story, bring a plethora of poop bags with you on all walks and outings. Do not underestimate the amount of baggies you will need.

3) Secure, Tangle-free Dog Tie Out Solution for Your Campsite

When it comes to dog tie outs, there are many that state they will "not pull out of the ground"; or Bend; or the dog tie out won't get tangled!  In our experience, there are only two dog tie out solutions that work when camping with dogs. The first, is an overhead trolley / zip-line; and the second is a Double Dog Run System which is a ground base dog tie out stake.  Let's review both:

Overhead zip-lines or a dog trolley are nice when you have only one dog. Overhead trolley systems require that you always have two posts or trees close by to install the system. Many times you don't know what the campsite will even look like until you get there. There may not be any trees or posts tall enough to make the zip-line work. Additionally, a good trolley / zip-line set up can take over 30 minutes to set up, plus adjustments as the line begins to gain slack as the dogs pull on it.  On the plus side, a dog trolley can give your dog a limited diameter to travel but you can control the length of the line to be as long you wish. The downfalls of a dog trolley is that it does not work great with two dogs.  There are system that offer a dual leash that comes off of a single line - This requires your dogs to basically pull on each other instead of allowing them to roam more freely and independently.  
For example, your dog Bruno is a 75lb "bull in a china shop" who wants to run back and forth... and your other dog, Daisy, is an old 40lb girl who just wants to lay down. If Bruno takes off down the zip-line, Daisy is going for a run.. or maybe just dragged along with Bruno whether she likes it or not.  I mean, I know your dogs are best buds, but it gives a whole knew meaning to "where you go I go!" LOL .... Let's avoid this!

The second option and the best dog tie out for camping is ultimately the Double Dog Run. There is nothing else on the market that can even compare to this system. 

There are many dog tie outs that talk the talk and say they are the best, but once you get it finally in the ground, your dogs are tangled or the stake has been ripped out of the ground in very short amount of time!

This can result in you 
running through the campground, screaming your head off; as your dogs is darting right for the kids in the sandbox to give them licks.  Since the kids don't know your dogs, they are screaming, crawling over one another like people trying to get out of the water in a Jaws movie!  Parents are grabbing their kids, climbing up in trees like the floor is lave AND Jaws is swimming it!! ... Yeah, things can go south really fast with a terrible dog tie out...  Let's avoid this!

The Double Dog Run dog tie out is a super heavy-duty ground based dog tie out stake system that is designed using physics and high-quality, all-weather materials. This tie out stake is not only incredibly strong, but can hold TWO dogs of the smallest to the largest breeds at a time. Only the Double Dog Run dog tie out can withstand a pull force of 1200lbs and literally do what it says it does.  This brand does not just talk the talk, they walk it; and they back up their products with a 2-year warranty!  In addition, this dog tie out will keep one or two dogs from getting tangled around the tie out anchor and each other!  Another awesome plus of having the Double Dog Run is that it is portable and can be installed in less than 5 minutes.

Because it is a ground based system, the Double Dog Run has way more options for places to install.  Basically, if the soil is solid and trees and grass can root there, then this system can be installed.  That's not all...

The Double Dog Run System also features a shock absorbing base plate and flexible rubber topper that work together to reenforce strength and security in the system itself.  Another awesome plus is that you can decide what length tie out cable to use.  If you have a small area, you can hook short 10 foot cables to them; or if you have a large area you can use up to 50 foot cables and the system will still work to keep your dogs untangled.  

Another awesome plus of Double Dog Run Products is that they are a small family owned and run business.  If you call to ask a question, you can ask for the person who invented it directly!  The family is always nice and responsive to their customers.  Additionally, their 2-year warranty will replace any broken parts caused by normal use for free!  So, if you are looking for a brand like the Nike of dog tie out stake world... Double Dog Run is your brand.  It is solid, reliable and will last through the play sessions of your dogs and the crazy weather conditions mother nature loves to throw your way!

4) ID Tags

Why is an ID tag for your dog so important?  
Well, you never know- a freaking bear could come out of the woods and and scare the pants out of you and your dog!  Next thing you know your dog is taking off down the trail and you are running the opposite way.  Both of you just keep running and now BOTH of you are lost in the woods... but at least your dog has an ID tag so that you can be reunited... after you find your way back to where you were... Let's avoid this!

ID tags are just a good idea all around even if your dog is trained off-leash.  We can't control everything in our world, so better safe than sorry.

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Well those are our tips! We hope you enjoyed our article as much as we enjoyed writing it!  We hope that we given you more insight and something a little different than the other blogs!!

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